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Lean Six Sigma

"Create value, eliminate waste, decrease process variation and reduce costs"

Six Sigma provides a comprehensive business performance model which integrates specialized process improvement tools with a management strategy for analyzing business processes, understanding customer needs and applying the right process improvement methods and measurements to achieve results.

Lean takes this one step further and focuses on decreasing process variation, eliminating waste, reducing lead time, and improving quality to make all your processes more stable, controlled and predictable. This is achieved through the use of a systematic, five-step process improvement model, "Lean Six Sigma DMAIC Process."

Six Sigma DMAIC Process

Objectives International provides your company with the skills, tools and knowledge to select the right priority project teams and effectively apply these powerful Lean Six Sigma tools to eliminate waste, stabilize your processes, satisfy your customers and cost effectively achieve your business goals.
  Lean Six Sigma Strategy
bulletCreate your Lean Six Sigma infrastructure.
bulletSelect and lead well defined project teams.
bulletApply Lean Six Sigma Methods tools and methods.
bulletFollow the DMAIC Process to "Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control."
bulletImplement Lean tools to eliminate waste and stabilize processes.
bulletIntegrate leadership skills, performance measurements and customer focus.

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